banner_4  Eireka customers working in the agricultural industry and farming sectors in Australia, find buying a Telehandler good value for      money and a worthwhile investment. The Telescopic forklift has the capability to lift and reach, proving very versatile and multi-  purpose in farming situations. Farmers comment owning a telehandler improves productivity and efficiency as they are able to perform  multiple operations with the same machine such as lifting, moving and handling materials such as grain, hay, cotton, fresh produce, soil  etc.

 All wheel drive and all wheel steer with TR2 tyres are perfect for working in all terrain and differing weather conditions and maneuvering through different surfaces. Boom suspension is also a popular feature on agricultural telehandlers in which operators  can benefit from a smoother ride with faster working cycles. Sway control is also an option on some telehandlers in which the machine adjusts the chassis on uneven ground.

The most talked about feature of telehandlers, is the range of attachments that can be connected and interchanged to the hitch, which prove extremely resourceful and efficient for farmers. Attachments for agricultural use can include, general purpose buckets, grain buckets, hay forks, re-handling buckets, grapple buckets, toe tip buckets, multi-purpose grabs, silage grabs, stone forks, cotton spears and grabs, pushers, scrapper blades, etc.


Pallet forks accompany a telehandler and are easy for moving goods and general lifting around a farm or work site. Tyne extensions can also be purchased, which are like slippers on the end of the pallet forks reinforcing strength and extra length for greater load capacity when lifting more cumbersome loads or hard to reach areas. Telehandlers can also be fitted with side shift and fork positioning tynes to allow great maneuverability. Farmers also find that Telehandlers are multi-functional if they have a manufacturing or produce division in order to handle stock around the yard or loading trucks.

A popular option for farmers is a hydraulic hitch, which can also be remotely operated from the cabin work area making it convenient and fast to change attachments and maintain shorter work cycles.

Farmers find the deluxe cabs are comfortable for the operator, especially if working for long amounts of time. The positioned air vents and air conditioning are a necessary feature in extreme heat and cold climatic conditions in parts of Australia. Customers have an option for window tinting to be installed which prevents the glass absorbing extra heat inside the cab and improves the performance of the air conditioning.


 Extra features on some telehandlers create pleasant working conditions for the operator such as air seat, arm rest, front window guard,  sun shade, stereo/radio, Bluetooth, storage areas, gears and levers ergonomically placed within easy reach. The roof window allows  visibility of the boom during operation as well as the panoramic side and rear windows. The single joystick, forward and reverse  operation allow smooth and efficient operation.

 Auxiliary hydraulics, front and rear remotes, tow recovery point, pick up hitch, trailer brakes are  ideal for additional general farm work  applications such as attachments like a slasher, mulcher or trailer.

 Engine capabilities such high torque at low revs, 40km/hr transmission give farmers the confidence of a reliable and trustworthy  machine.

 Eireka’s range of services are designed to assist farmers to easily obtain their machine quickly on site. The network of Eireka’s transport  partners deliver machinery timely to remote locations and cost effectively. Eireka can also assist with low finance, insurance, installation of additional safety systems such as load management and weighing systems. Eireka’s telehandlers are compliant to AS1418.19 Australian standards.


Eireka also has a relationship with the rural publications in Australia, and connect to the public by advertising it’s farm package inventory and special deals. Industry associates include The Land, The Weekly Times, Queensland Country life, Stock Journal, Farm Weekly, Stock & Land, Tas Farmer,, Machines4u,,

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