UML/SSL – UML/SSL/VT Mulcher with fixed teeth rotor for skid steer loaders between 75 and 120 HP, equipped with a high flow kit.

The most popular and renowned mulcher in the FAE line.
This newly redesigned model has a lower profile with excellent visibility and a re-engineered mulching chamber that allows more material to enter at once, thus increasing productivity.
The new door operating system consists of a chain-drive operated by two cylinders located in the side housing of the head. Its fully enclosed body prevents debris from entering the frame area, thus keeping it cleaner.
The optional diverter valve kit is available for using the mulcher with skid steers with only three hydraulic fittings.
High Flow skid steer mulcher with several tooth options for different applications including a rock resistant tooth for tough areas.
The automatic variable displacement hydraulic motor of the “VT version ” ensures the best performance, increasing productivity up to 50% while reducing fuel consumption.

The standard equipment includes:
• 63 cc hydraulic piston motor,
• Double relief valve with anticavitation and brake function,
• Hydraulic hood,
• Adjustable skids,
• Working pressure control gauge,
• Hydraulic hoses,
• Push frame.

For the UML/SSL/VT 110/60cc variable displacement hydraulic motor.
Options: Diverter valve, oil cooler kit, possibility to have the rotor equipped with tooth type C/3/HD, K, blade C/3 or tooth type I.


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