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Discover the possibilities with the FAE range of hydraulically & PTO driven attachments. Specially designed to suit various excavators, skid steers & tractors. Forestry Mulchers, Stone Crushers, Stump Grinders, Soil Stablishers & Primetech’s specialised Primemovers. Eireka’s has immense first hand experience working with FAE products and can support its customers with consultation, after sales support & spare parts.

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fae products mulchers soil stablisilers forestry construction

Mini Excavators:  PMM/HY suit 3.5-5.5 ton *** PML/EX suit 5.5-7.5 ton *** PMM/EX suit 6-13 ton *** DML/HY suit 5-13 ton

Excavators:  UML/HY suit 7-14 ton *** UML/EX suit 14-20 ton *** UMM/EX suit 20ton+ ** SCM/EX-VT suit 12-20 ton

Skid Steers: UML/SSL suit 75-120Hp *** DML/SSL suit 40-90Hp *** PMM/SSL suit 60-130Hp *** STC/SSL stone crusher

Tractors/ Stone Crushers & Rock Shredders: STC 80-220Hp depth 20cm *** RSL 80-190Hp depth 27cm *** MTM 240-360Hp  depth 40cms *** MTH 300-400Hp depth 50cms *** RSM 180-360Hp depth 40cms (soil stabliser/asphalt grinder)


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