UML/HY – UML/HY/VT Mulcher with fixed teeth rotor for excavators having a weight between 7 and 14 t.

The new strong and robust frame is designed for heavy applications.
The connections have been repositioned for quick and easy assembly, while the hydraulic hood assists the operator during land reclamation operations.
The automatic variable displacement hydraulic motor of the “VT version” ensures the best performance, increasing productivity up to 50%, while reducing fuel consumption .
Multiple tooth options for a wide range of applications.

The standard equipment includes:
• Variable displacement hydraulic piston motor from 32 to 65 cc,
• Double relief valve with anti-cavitation and brake function,
• Flow control valve,
• Hydraulic hood,
• Teeth type C.

For the UML/HY/VT 80/50 cc variable torque hydraulic motor.
Options: custom made attachment plate with pins, diverter valve, possibility to have the rotor equipped with tooth type C/3/HD, type K, blade C/3 or type I.


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