SCM/EX/VT Stump cutter with fixed tooth system for excavators having a weight between 12 and 20 t.

The new FAE SCM/EX/VT stump cutter satisfies the requirement of professional operators for quick and easy stump removal in nearly any situation. Equipped with exclusive features, this machine ensures the best results in a compact unit. The FAE SCM/EX/VT is supplied with a flow control system that allows it to fit different power excavators. The front hood with hydraulic adjustment and the special front fixed thumb guarantees very high performance and maximum safety. Thanks to the tough, reliable and easy to use special wheel, the stumps are simply swept away. The hydraulic adjustment of the front hood provides safer working conditions. The front fixed thumb is designed to move the cut material.

The standard equipment includes:
• “Flow control system”,
• Hydraulic front hood,
• Base plate,
• Variable torque hydraulic piston motor,
• Rotating plate mechanically adjustable.

Options: front fixed thumb, custom made attachment plate with pins, diverter valve.


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