PMM/HY Mulcher with swinging hammers rotor for excavators having a weight between 3,5 and 5,5 t.

Extremely versatile, compact machine.
It comes equipped with a 16cc or optional 27cc hydraulic motor depending on the excavator used.
Additional options include a 17cc or 34cc mechanically adjustable motor that makes this mulcher even more versatile and compatible with a wider range of excavators. The flow control valve allows easy mounting to the excavator without the need to adjust the flow (the valve will work automatically depending on the excavator).
It can be equipped with flails or hammers for different types of applications.

The standard equipment includes:
• 16cc gear motor with integrated anticavitation valve,
• flow control system valve,
• self-cleaning rear roller,
• possibility to have the rotor equipped with PML hammers or Y-flails.

Options: 27cc gear motor made of cast with integrated anticavitation valve, hydraulic motor with variable torque (17-34 cc), custom made attachment plate with pins, attachment plate with self leveling device.


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